creatures cover cropped

From The Dark Overlord:

In 2017 I found a short story I'd written back when I was in university and decided to produce it into an audio play.

It seemed the next logical step for someone like me, combining my favorite arts: audio, writing, and acting.

Life is busy and I got caught up in it and never ended up doing anything with the production, but every time I put on an audio drama podcast for a road trip, in my mind I kept going back to The Creatures Inside The Box.

I thought, "this is exactly the kind of stuff I like to listen to."

So in 2019 I began developing a series of stories to be published as the Sudohuman Podcast.

The stories vary in length, tone, and theme, the common thread being that each episode is:

  • A story-driven creative blend of fiction and non-fiction,
  • Fully produced with foley and sound effects to create a "movie for your ears",

In addition, we're creating a comic to go along with each episode, to augment the storytelling.

We're currently casting for voice actors (local to or within driving distance of Kamloops, BC) for various roles in upcoming episodes.

Have a listen to the pilot below.

If this seems like something you might be interested, please contact james (at) sudohuman.com.