A&R / Organizer / Producer

James Bethell

For twenty or so years, James has produced everything from techno to indie folk to hiphop under various monikers like Nebulous ProjektStarflower, Big Phat McNasty, Jamie Phrantik, and most prolifically as Dee Kaph.  During that time he was also an event organizer and label manager ("Splendid"), flyer and cover designer ("SLi"), band manager ("WeAreIAM"), and overall easy going music dude.

A&R / Producer

Spencer McDonald

With around seventeen years of music engineering under his belt, Spencer is known for his off-center comedic personality (he's an alien) and moreso for prolifically producing copious amounts of genre bending electronic music as part of WeAreIAM as well as chief noise architect behind Numbra and most recently, TryHardHeroes. When he's not smashing musical boundaries he's also a graphic artist and collects cats.