Recording | Production | Publishing

Recording & Production

Professionally capturing outstanding performances and developing them into world-class audio products.

A&R / Booking

Developing artistic brands from the ground up and getting them performing live to paying audiences.

Label & Publishing

Full digital distribution to every major online retailer, physical product manufacturing options, and connections with sync licensing firms.



Sudohuman Collective is called a “Collective” because the overarching philosophy is that of collaborative effort, the notion that we are stronger together and can leverage our communal talents and resources to greater advantage than we could otherwise do individually.

The Sum of the Whole is greater than that of the Parts combined.

Each member individually has a unique combination of knowledge, skill, experience, resources and network which enhances the capabilities of the collective as a whole, and in turn the collective is able to assist each individual.

Our goals are  to …

1… IDENTIFY local and regional musical talent

2… ASSIST in developing artistic brands and products

3… MENTOR artists on their journey in the music industry

4… PUBLISH their work worldwide